An anecdote about Pasteur

August 12, 2006 § 5 Comments

Some weired words from a biography of Louis Pasteur
"In 1885, a nine-year-old boy, Joseph Meister, was brought to Pasteur. He was suffering from 14 bites from a rabid dog. With the agreement of the child’s physician, Pasteur began his treatment with the vaccine. The injections continued over a 12-day period, and the child recovered.

On September 28, 1895, honored by the world but unspoiled and overflowing with affection, Pasteur died near Saint-Cloud in Paris….He was buried in a crypt in the Pasteur Institute. There is a strange postscript to this story. In 1940 the conquering Germans came again to Paris. A German officer demanded to see the tomb of Pasteur, but the old French guard refused to open the gate. When the German insisted, the Frenchman killed himself. His name was Joseph Meister, the boy Pasteur had saved from hydrophobia so long ago."


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